Importance of Sufficient Sleep

Sleep is an essential function for one’s health and well-being. But because the world has become quite a busy and stressful environment, a lot of people have started to neglect the importance of getting sufficient sleep regularly. This has led to an increase of sleep disturbances and problems that more and more people have grown to suffer from. Furthermore, the lack of sleep will gradually begin to interfere with the level of concentration and focus people give to their daily tasks.

Required Amount Of Sleep

The required number of hours that people need for sleep may differ from person to person. Some people can do well with just six hours of sleep each day. Some may still feel drowsy and tired even after ten hours worth of sleep. But in general, the human body is built to engage in 16 hours of wakefulness and eight hours of rest on a single day.

Causes Of Sleep Problems

Some people do not suffer from insufficient sleep mainly because of going to bed at later hours. Most people actually may be suffering from certain sleep problems that make it harder for them to fall asleep. There are various factors that may be causing this.

Certain functions in the body may help contribute to the sleep problems that some people suffer from. Certain abnormalities in the brain and nervous system can cause sleep problems in people. The same goes with people having abnormal metabolic functions and immune systems. Certain disorders and diseases such as depression, diabetes, obesity, substance abuse and heart disease may help cause sleeping problems in many people.

Consequences Of Insufficient Sleep

People not getting the right amount of sleep can either feel the effects immediately or gradually, depending on the hours of sleep lost. Loss of sleep generally can affect one’s level of concentration. Severe lack of sleep can significantly affect one’s level of focus and concentration especially when doing a certain task. This can further lead to impaired physical functions and increased number of mistakes when doing tasks.

People can make more mistakes due to lack of sleep. This can be pretty dangerous especially when doing certain tasks that require a high level of concentration such as driving or operating machinery. Severe lack of sleep and sleep deprivation have been linked to various workplace and road accidents. The more severe lack of sleep one experiences the previous night, the more mental and physical mistakes he would likely commit.