How ADHD Affects Relationships

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can affect relationships in many ways. People who unknowingly suffer from ADHD can sometimes blame themselves personally as incapable of maintaining lasting relationships, especially with the opposite sex. Little do they know that there is more to blame than just themselves.

Going through numerous failed relationships can be quite hard on some people with ADHD who do not know that they suffer from the condition. By not knowing that the failed relationships may be due to something that they are suffering from, they eventually begin to feel helpless and suffer from having low self-worth in the process.

That is why it is important for people to better understand ADHD and to know if they have it. It may help provide much needed answers to questions arising from their inability to hold on to relationships. Just knowing that you have it can help you try to work on building better relationships in the future and finding partners who can accept you for who you are.

ADHD And Relationships

There are many ways in which ADHD may greatly affect a relationship. The different symptoms that people exhibit such as forgetfulness, impulsive behavior, and failure to focus may contribute to the souring of one’s relationship with another person. If one’s partner doesn’t know what is behind it all, things can easily harm the ongoing relationship at any instance. Here are some of the more common instances:

Poor Communication

With a person with ADHD having trouble focusing or paying attention, a partner may mistake it for not knowing how to listen or even see the importance in proper communication. The partner may feel as if what he or she talks about doesn’t matter. Misunderstandings can occur often that may lead to other serious problems.

Poor Memory

With people with ADHD suffering from poor memory, they can easily forget things such as important dates like anniversaries and birthdays. For a couple unaware of one or both of them having ADHD, this simple case of forgetfulness can have a great effect on the relationship. It can possibly hurt the other partner especially if the other forgets an important occasion.

Impulsive Behavior

People with ADHD can become impulsive in their actions without thinking of the consequences. This may sometimes be seen as recklessness or plain irresponsibility. One may start buying things impulsively without consulting his or her partner. One may let out some things talking recklessly without knowing the hurtful effects it may have on the relationship.


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