Pistachio Recall

pistachioFor those who love pistachio, you may have to wait a while before you can enjoy your favorite nut.

In an article published in WebD, a million-pound batch of pistachio has been found to contain salmonella, causing a number of firms to recall pistachio products.

The FDA warns consumers to keep from eating any product that contains pistachio nuts, even pistachio flavored foods like ice cream and cakes, until they give the all-clear signal.

Kraft, a leading manufacturer of food products, found salmonella in roasted pistachios in their trail mix product during routine testing.

These roasted pistachios were then traced to a large batch that came from the Setton Pistachio Company. This large salmonella-filled pistachio batch was sold in huge quantities to 36 different wholesalers throughout the US.

The recall includes shelled and in-shell pistachios that are sold either as standalone products or as part of mixed nuts and trail mixes.

As of now, 64 products sold under 21 brand names by 6 companies have been recalled. Based on the size of the batch and the number of wholesalers who bought their share of it, further recalls are are almost certain. The FDA keeps an updated web site to keep consumers informed.

The newest addition to the list:

  • Kraft has recalled Planters brand products containing pistachios and Back To Nature brand products containing pistachios.
  • Frito-Lay has recalled its Salted Pistachios (in shell).

Consumers are advised to return or dispose of recalled products. They can also keep, but not eat eat, other products until they are cleared.

So far, it is not an outbreak yet, since no illnesses have been associated with the salmonella from pistachios. The recalls and the FDA’s warning are only a precautionary measure.

The FDA has received isolated reports of illnesses possibly linked to pistachio nuts. The CDC will look into these cases to determine if they are indeed caused by salmonella that has the same genetic fingerprint as any of the four strains found in pistachios.

The recalls are not associated with the recent outbreak of salmonella illnesses from peanuts.

Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella is fully cooperating with the FDA/CDC investigation.

Source: WebMD


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