Social Skills And ADHD

People with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder or ADHD can also suffer from poor social skills. Certain symptoms may greatly affect how they can develop social skills as they grow up. As a result, a child growing up with unattended ADHD can also end up not being able to act or carry himself well on social situations.

Typical ADHD Problems

People with ADHD usually have problems interacting with other people due to their condition. For others who do not understand ADHD, certain actions that may be associated with the disorder can be mistaken for poor social behavior. Difficulties paying attention can have people with ADHD seen as not active listeners and may miss out on certain information during conversations. They may also appear to be ignoring other people at times which won’t help in social situations.

Conversation Problems

People with ADHD can experience some problems while conversing with others. They may tend to interrupt others more often than what is necessary. Impulsive behavior may tend to let them talk inappropriately at times which others may easily mistake for bad manners. People with ADHD may also tend to miss out reading certain social cues such as when other people wish to end conversations or avoid talking about certain topics. This can lead to certain tension at times that can put a person with ADHD in a bad light.

Developing Better Social Skills

For people with ADHD, developing better social skills may take a bit more effort. Everything starts with a positive attitude. They should try to be open about the problems they have interacting with others and believe that they still can learn to change things for the better. Having a positive attitude can help them learn and develop the essential skills faster.

Observing Others

People with ADHD can learn a lot about social skills by simply observing others. Trying to look at how other people act while with other people can help provide them with hints on how to act properly on different social settings. Practicing what they see on a regular basis can help people with ADHD improve on their social skills eventually.

One Goal At A Time

An effective way for people with ADHD to develop their social skills is to establish goals that they can achieve little by little. They can start off with smaller goals such as going to social events more often or introducing themselves to other people. Every goal achieved can lead to other more challenging goals that build up on top of the other. Starting small can help a person with ADHD regain confidence and look towards developing social skills with a more open mind.


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