Myths and Facts About Gambling

Problem gambling, along with other forms of addiction, is a problem little understood by most people. There are myths that not only affect the compulsive gamblers themselves. Such myths also affect those people surrounding such habitual gamblers who are in turn affected by their uncontrollable actions. Here are some of those myths.

Problem gamblers gamble everyday.

This myth is believed by a lot of compulsive gamblers who refuse to admit that they have a problem with their gambling habit. A gambler can either gamble frequently or infrequently and still be considered as a problem gambler. Remember that gambling becomes a problem if it starts causing other problems.

It is not problem gambling if one can afford the habit.

Some problem gamblers evade being called as such by saying they can afford getting into their gambling habits. Some mistake the problem as limited to only the money side of it. But such a gambling habit can also cause other problems aside from just the money such as a strained relationship or lessened work performance.

Helping problem gamblers with debts will take care of the problem.

People surrounding problem gamblers may offer to help by trying to fix or take care of the considerable debts that the gamblers have accumulated. It may look like the right thing to do to help out a poor friend in need. But such gestures may even worsen the problem.

They can help problem gamblers take the easy way out of their debt problems but would not resolve the root cause which is the actual habit. Taking care of their debt problems would only fuel compulsive gamblers to continue with their habit on a debt free slate.

Other people and circumstances cause problem gamblers into the habit.

Many problem gamblers try to rationalize their addiction by trying to blame it on others and their circumstances. This can allow them to avoid taking any responsibilities for their own actions. This myth also gets them to avoid taking the means to overcome the problem down to its root cause.


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