Autism and Home Safety

Home safety is an important issue for a family living with an autistic child. There are certain behavioral concerns to consider that may require parents to determine the proper safety precautions in the home to prevent any unwanted accidents for their autistic child. Here are some of the important points to deal with in trying to make a home safer for someone with autism.

Placing Appropriate Locks

There may be some rooms such as the kitchen or the workshop in the home that may be restricted to kids with autism. An open door going outside can sometimes be unsafe for autistic kids who may suddenly rush outside. In these cases, it might be appropriate to install locks so as to prevent autistic kids from leaving the home or getting into rooms that may leave them open to danger. If the autistic child is prone to wandering outside at night, parents may decide to place a lock outside the child’s room in order to prevent this.

Make Windows Safe

Glass windows can pose a danger to autistic children. They can easily be opened where kids can then get out of the home. Some kids may easily break them and become an injury risk. Parents should consider putting locks on them or using Plexiglas instead of ordinary glass panes to avoid breakage.

Furniture Use

Arranging home furniture properly may help prevent unwanted accidents at home. Autistic children are usually familiar with doing tasks a certain way. They can be taught a single path going to the bathroom or the kitchen that they can follow day in and day out. Arranging the furniture in a way so as not to become an obstacle to such familiar paths for the autistic child can help prevent accidents. Always keep the furniture surfaces clear. Make sure also that cabinets and drawers have their own locks to prevent kids from opening them.

Fire Safety Measures

In a home with an autistic child, fire safety measures become more important than ever. Autistic children may find it hard to understand just how dangerous a fire can be. It is up to the parents to help avoid or prevent their exposure to fires as much as possible. It is important that kids with autism should be well supervised in areas where there might be an open fire such as the kitchen or the fireplace. Lighters and matches should be kept somewhere safe and away from the child’s reach.