Problem Gambling Indicators

What makes problem gambling so hard to determine is that it does not show obvious physical signs or symptoms that may be attributed to it. Compared to substance or alcohol addiction, compulsive gambling may be easier to hide with denial as well as lies by the people afflicted by it. Here are some indicators that might help determine if one has a gambling problem.

Personal Indicators

Some people may not be aware that they are already suffering from problem gambling because of the absence of any physical signs. An unkempt personal appearance may not usually be the most common indicator of a problem gambler. Other indicators usually involve the typical behavior that one should be aware about.

Becoming Secretive

If one begins to become more secretive with his or her gambling, it is starting to become a problem. Compulsive gamblers try to gamble secretly or lie about how often or how much they gamble. Having to gamble in secret may be an indicator that someone may have a gambling problem.

Lack Of Control

Another indicator of a gambling habit going bad is the increasing lack of control over it. A person with a gambling problem may find it difficult to stop once he or she starts. If one is still strongly compelled to go on gambling even if all the money are already used up, then it is a good indicator of losing control over the habit. This can show that a person is already suffering from a gambling problem.

Concerns All Around

If one begins to notice that more and more people are getting worried or concerned over his or her gambling habit, then it might already be a good indicator that there is a problem. Compulsive gamblers may not notice the problem by themselves all of the time. It may take the concerns and worries that they continually see coming from the people all around them that may convince them of how their habit is fast becoming a destructive problem.


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