Aging and Sex

Aging seems to bring some changes to a person’s sexual health. But that does not usually mean that older people actually have to stop having an active sex life altogether. There are many ways in which older people may still actively engage in a fulfilling sex life despite their age and the limitations that it may bring.

Different Perceptions

As people age, they may have a different perception of what sex should be. This can sometimes help make the experience more fulfilling for both partners if they try to work it out. For one, aging couples increasingly look forward towards trying to satisfy their partners more instead of themselves. This may be a departure from the self-focused sexual fulfillment more common during the younger years. This change actually can result in a more intimate and fulfilling sex life for older couples.

Patience Is Key

Aging brings about certain physical limitations associated to having better sex. This can result in older people achieving fulfillment longer. That is why it takes a bit of patience between the two partners to achieve a happy sex life despite their age. Sexual arousal usually takes longer this time around and may take some time to do. If others may see it as a disadvantage, older people enjoying a better sex life see it as a means to engage in deeper intimacy with their partner.

Make Full Use Of The Senses

In order for older couples to enjoy better sex, they may need to make full use of their other senses to enhance each experience. While younger days may only require tactile and visual stimulation to easily achieve sexual arousal, this might not be enough as one gets older. For better effect, trying to include all the other senses into the mix may help contribute to a more fulfilling experience in sex between older couples.

Seek Help

If older couples want to enjoy an active sex life, there are also other means that may help improve the experience despite the various limitations. There are certain medications that may help improve sexual response in men as well as increase libido. In older women who may increasingly experience discomfort during sex, there are certain over the counter lubricants that may help resolve the problem. Doctors may also prescribe other methods and techniques that may help improve sex in older couples.


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