Depression in Seniors

The seniors and the elderly have to deal with an increasingly number of health changes as they continue to advance in their years. With all these changes happening, some may believe that going into depression as they age is but a normal occurrence. Here are some facts that seniors should know about geriatric depression and how it can apply to them.

Depression is not part of a normal aging process.

A lot of elderly people may believe that going into depression is just a normal part of growing old. Old people believe that aging and depression go together. But this is not true. It is not normal for aging people to eventually go into depression. Its presence suggests an underlying problem that can be anything but a part of the normal aging process.

Depression brings other problems.

Some older people believe that depression may only occur mentally. But in the course of depression, impairments can further involve other functions aside from just the mental side of it. A worsening depression can cause problems that may involve also several physical and social functions of the elderly. Depression in this case can cause more than just mental distress and suffering.

Old people are more prone to several risk factors of depression.

It is not mainly because of aging that a lot of seniors find themselves prone to depression. A lot of other things and circumstances associated with aging may actually be risk factors for older people to develop the condition. Widowhood, age related physical limitations, and limited social and emotional interactions are just but some of the many risk factors that make seniors prone to suffering from geriatric depression.

There are treatments for geriatric depression.

Although the type of depression that most of the elderly experience might have its own challenges, there are treatments available that can help seniors get through the condition. For one, cognitive behavior therapy can help the elderly modify thought patterns to alter their emotional states that may contribute to the condition or may lead to other mental disorders. There are other therapies specifically designed for older people as a means to get through their depression.