Normal Change of Aging

Aging brings about a number of changes in terms of health in older people. Others believe that these changes may just be a normal process. Although a lot of such changes may be true, there are also other things that people believe happen during aging that are not actually based on fact. Here are some facts about aging and the changes that occur that may help serve as guide to older people who are undergoing such a process.

Mental Health

One of the more noticeable changes that happen to seniors occurs in the brain. Aging brings about a host of cognitive changes that are associated with several mental processes such as sensation, perception, memory and problem solving.

It would take the elderly a longer time to process, store and retrieve new information. Aging adults tend to experience a slower thought process where more frequent repetition may be needed for better mental processing. Changes may also occur with one’s long-term memory while short-term memory may undergo lesser age related changes.

Language skills and ability seem to remain strong although the ability to learn new ones may show some decline. Wisdom and creativity appears to be some of the aspects in the brain that are not affected by aging.

Physical Health

There are many common physical changes that occur when people reach 65 years old. Visual problems increasingly occur with age. Some of these problems related to aging include difficulties reading smaller print, declining reading speed, difficulty seeing in low light and in locating objects.

Hearing problems may also occur in older people, but usually not as often or as serious as those problems with vision. Some of the hearing problems experienced during old age happen as a direct result of too much hearing abuse while still young. Other hearing problems may be caused by other age related ailments. But generally, hearing changes associated with aging are considered moderate to mild.

Lifestyle Changes

Changes in the way older adults live may be brought about by the changes that happen to them physically. Some may go though a change in environment as they try to live in nursing homes and other health institutions. Some learn to either live a more solitary life especially during widowhood. Physical limitations may also be a reason for some of these changes. But despite all these, a lot of old people still manage to lead happy and more productive lives.


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