Tips to Build Resilience in Teens

There are two sides of being a teenager. The first is the fun side: having good times with friends, blushing at the sight of a cute guy/girl, or talking about the latest fashion. The other is bleak: problems with grades, bullying, loss of a loved one, or a conflict with parents.

Why do some teens can go through tough times and still end up with their heads up high? And why do others have difficulty dealing with problems and end up self-destructing? Resilience is what differentiates them. Here are some helpful tips to build resilience:

Stay connected

Reach out to your friends and parents. Do not be afraid in expressing your opinion, even if others take the opposing view. It is okay to ask them questions. It will make you wiser. Listen carefully to what others are saying. It will help if you are connected to your community. Joining a high school group or a church group will help you build resilience.

Take it easy

Teenage life is not all about crushes or having adventures with friends. It is also about having anxieties and facing the stresses that life presents. Hormones, physical changes, peer pressure, academic problems, and family conflicts all contribute to stress. So you have to be ready for this. It may help if you go a little easy on yourself and on the people around you.

Take care of yourself

Take good care of yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Have a healthy diet and have a regular exercise. Also get plenty of rest and sleep. This will prepare you in times when you need to be at your sharpest. Stay positive. Do not let things bring you down. Believe in yourself and appreciate what you have.

Take charge

Even in toughest times, try to make steps forward to achieve your goals. Bad times can make you feel that you are out of control. You can snatch some of that power back if you take decisive actions. Do this by taking one small step at a time.

Express yourself and create diversion

A rollercoaster of emotions arises during tough times. Releasing what is inside you will help. Talk to someone about your problems. But if you are not comfortable talking about it, do something else to express your emotions. You can create art, start a journal, or engage in sports.


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