Facts About Mental Illness

A mental illness is a condition that can disrupt a person’s thinking, mood, feeling and the way he or she relates to others. Mental illness can eventually also affect one’s daily functioning and means to cope up with life’s demands which can cause a host of other related problems. Here are some other facts about mental illness that people should know about.

Biological Brain Disorder

People should know that mental illness is not just concern on one’s thought patterns or way of thinking. The problem is usually based on some biological disorder in the brain. It may be a chemical imbalance or a disruption in the normal brain function that may be causing one’s mental illness. It is not something that people can simply treat by changing the way they think or their outlook in life. Most of the time, such conditions may require medical treatment that includes using medication.

Leading Cause of Disability

Studies made by the World Health Organization show that mental disorders are some of the main causes of disability in most people living in developed countries. People suffering from different types of mental illness may experience a diminished capacity to function that may significantly affect their way of life. It can be the cause of a lost job, a failed relationship or decreased quality of life.

Significant Economic Impact

Untreated mental illness not only affects an individual. Its economic costs can also spill into the society in general. It can be a reason for unnecessary disability in people that can lead to unemployment. It can lead others to substance abuse, suicide, inappropriate jail time for some people as well as a lot of wasted lives. This can translate to billions of dollars lost and wasted each year in various areas of the country’s economy.

Treatment Chances

Some people may wrongly believe that many types of mental disorders fall short of being treatable. But in fact, the best treatments now available for mental illnesses are highly effective. Up to 90 percent of individuals with mental illnesses undergoing proper treatment usually experience a substantial reduction in symptoms and enjoy a more improved quality of life. The stigma that such a condition may bring sadly prevents other people from getting the proper treatment they deserve.


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