Jelly Bean Diet

Jelly bean dietThe diet industry is a multi-billion dollar machine and, if companies are careless enough, could cash in on fad diets that not only fail in losing weight but could also endanger people’s lives.  Also, dieters should not jump right in every new diet featured on magazines, just like the article about the Jelly Bean Diet.

A post over at tells about the so-called health benefits you can get from eating a handful of jelly beans every day.  Nothing attracts the readers more than losing weight and getting healthy just by eating something as indulgent as jelly beans. 

According to the article, jelly beans are free from salmonella and that every healthy fruit from bananas to peaches and oranges have been turned into tasty jelly beans.  A handful of jelly beans can supply your body with enough vitamin C for a day.  The article also claims that unlike beans, jelly beans do not give adverse gaseous effects on your digestive system and even recommends to eat as many as you want.

However, sifting through the article readers would realize that this is actually a satirical take on the diet, as the author keeps on lifting the jelly bean to a pedestal and even opting for the regular ones instead of the sugar-free varieties, claiming that sugar-free jelly beans are unnatural and unhealthy. 

The author also tells the readers that they may notice a larger reflection on the bathroom mirror, and may begin to think of "really silly" thoughts of working out in order to get back into shape.

Instead of giving in to that silly thought, the author recommends to simply smile at the reflection and grab another handful of jelly beans.  After all, as he said, being round is a shape (a pun on "getting into shape").


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