Becoming Emotionally Healthy

Maintaining good mental and emotional health should be a part of any overall health improvement program. The physical side is just but one aspect of a person’s total well-being. Improving one’s mental and emotional health plays a very significant role in eventually living a fruitful and fulfilled life.

People who are emotionally healthy have better control over their emotions as well as their behavior. With this, they are better able to handle and cope up with life’s different challenges. People who are emotionally healthy are able to build and preserve strong relationships with other people as well as find direction and fulfillment in their lives.

Emotional Health Characteristics 

Being emotionally and mentally healthy does not merely mean the absence of mental and emotional problems. A person is considered emotionally or mentally healthy based on certain characteristics he or she is able to present given certain situations. Here are some of those characteristics.

Meaning and Purpose

People who are considered emotionally healthy generally have a better sense of meaning and purpose in their lives. They have a better understanding about they want to achieve and aspire in life. Their actions are defined by what they aspire for. They know how to make goals and build up meaningful relationships.

Flexible and Adaptable

People who are emotionally healthy know that change is inevitable. Life is full of changes, both good and bad. Emotionally healthy people know how to accept this and learn how to go along with it. They know how to adapt to the changes that happen around them and accept it as a normal part of life.

Sense of Contentment

Emotionally healthy people have a better sense of contentment. They learn how to be content with what they have and find it in whatever type of environment or situation they find themselves in. In so doing, their sense of contentment translates to acceptance of themselves, better self-confidence and sense of self-worth.

Develops Resilience

People who are emotionally healthy learn how to deal with stress and adversity. Whenever setbacks happen, they are not easily discouraged or surrender. They learn how to find ways to bounce back and recover from their unfortunate circumstances and come out better and wiser than before.


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