Improving Emotional Health

People suffer through serious mental and emotional health problems due to certain risk factors. These risk factors may occur early on in a person’s life or even later. But all in all, these different factors eventually affect his or her emotional growth and development. They become significant factors on why some people eventually experience certain emotional problems that greatly affect their lives in general. Here are some of them:

Poor Parental Connection And Attachment

Children experiencing poor connection or attachment with their parents early on may eventually have a significant impact on their emotional development and growth. Some children may experience an abusive relationship with their parents that can cause scars into their emotional make up. Some may suffer from lack of any attachment to them.

Some children suffer through lack of parental attachment when parents find little time to spend with them and watch after their growth. Divorce and separation may have the same effect due to lack of attachment to a mother or a father. This can lead to feelings of loneliness, disassociation, lack of parental support and proper guidance that can have a considerable effect on their emotional health.

Early Trauma And Loss

Traumatic events can have a considerable impact on humans especially if they happen early in their development. Kids going through undue abuse from their parents and other people, death, accidents, and even hospitalizations can just be some of the traumatic events that can greatly affect how people develop emotionally.

Medication Side Effects

There are some instances of certain medications affecting one’s emotional health. Certain medications used to treat other conditions may bring along with them side effects that eventually may have an effect on moods and behavior. This is usually true for many older people who are undergoing treatment for certain diseases or ailments.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is another common risk factor for certain mental and emotional problems. Alcohol and drug abuse have been known to be a common risk factor in the development of certain mental and emotional disorders that people suffer through. Certain emotional problems can simply be prevented and avoided by trying to consider treating a person’s substance abuse problems.


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