The Healing Power of Tea

Tea is the most popular drink in the world. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), in 2008, about 3.78m tonnes of tea were produced. In the US alone, people consume 646,575 kilograms or 1.42 million pounds of tea per day. This is because, 5 out of 6 North Americans drink tea, and the Average North American consumes one cup of tea per day. This makes the US, one of the biggest importers of, in 2002. Jacksonville Tea Company puts the figure at 646,575 kilograms or 1.42 million pounds per year.

Healing power of tea

According to FAO, the tea market is steadily growing, "reportedly in response to promotional efforts on the health benefits of tea consumption."

Medical research backs up these claims, indicating that "moderate consumption of tea offers protection against heart and blood vessel disease, some cancers, and bacterial infections." (Source:

Tea is also known to ease anxiety, fight cavities and soothe irritated skin.

Skin saver

To soothe irritated skin, Skinsational Skin and Body Spa in Carlsbad, California recommend soaking a washcloth in warm chamomile tea with three drops of lavender oil. Squeeze it dry, and press it onto your face. Chamomile tea contains azulene, an anti-inflammatory that calms skin.

Cavity fighter

Sip your cavity problems away with antioxidant-rich white tea. According to Milton Schiffenbauer, PhD, a microbiologist New York City’s Pace University, the "Polyphenol antioxidants in tea inhibit the growth of oral bacteria, like those that cause tooth decay."

First-aid fix

Green tea is not only a good as a refreshing drink, it’s also a good first-aid treatment against sunburn, scrapes and bug bites. According to Leah Sherman, a naturopathic physician in Portland, Oregon, green tea contains tannins, a natural antiseptic which relieve itching and swelling. To use, soak a cotton ball with cooled tea and apply onto skin.

Tension buster

According to a British study, people who consumed black tea four times a day for six weeks  calmed down more quickly in stressful situations that those who didn’t. This is because, black as well as green and oolong teas contain theanine, an amino acid that helps the brain and body relax



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