Lung Cancer Risks

Lung cancer is a condition wherein there is an abnormal growth of cell tissues in one or both lungs. Such abnormal cells do not serve any function as that of normal cells but may sometimes progress into tumors which can hamper the normal functioning of the lungs.

Lung Cancer Risk Factors

There are various factors that can lead to the development of lung cancer. Most of the common ones are environmental. Substances such as asbestos, radon and others are known to be cancer causing agents when they get into the lungs. Another common risk is second hand smoke brought about by smoking.

People who do not smoke but often gets close to people who do can inhale second hand smoke. The danger from second hand smoke is due to the fact that the smoke is unfiltered and may bring along more cancer causing agents that can lead to the growth of tumors. Smoking, in itself is also considered as a lung cancer risk factor.

Possible Treatments

Current studies have led to promising developments when it comes to lung cancer treatment. Many researchers are trying to look into chemoprevention agents which include certain vitamins. These agents are known compounds such as retinoid and selenium that is seen to have the means to repair certain genetic damage in the body before they can develop or progress into cancer. But current treatments have effectiveness depending on the progress of lung cancer that one suffers from. Lung cancer treatments may range from chemotherapy, radiation or even surgery.

Lung Cancer Prevention

There are various ways in which lung cancer can be prevented. Avoiding contact with known cancer causing substances such as asbestos and selenium may be able to help. But one of the most effective measures in preventing lung cancer is by not smoking.

Smoking remains to be one of the most common causes of lung cancer in people. Quitting smoking may even help in hampering the progress of such a condition. Certain lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking early may have a significant impact in the development of such a fatal and physically damaging disease such as lung cancer.


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