How to Beat Allergies On Your Next Run

It’s difficult to focus on your exercise routine when you’re sneezing all throughout the way.

To get rid of your allergies and to get the most out of your exercise, you can do it the old fashion way and ask your doctor about possible treatment options. You can also do the following’s DYI strategies to beat allergies and more on your next run.


Schedule your run between 5-9am when allergens are at their lowest. Choose the route with the fewest flowers and/or trees. It also helps to slow down your pace and to breathe through your nose. Take a post-run shower, and make sure you wash your hair thoroughly. On high-pollen days, opt to hit the treadmill instead. It’s a also a good idea to check pollen counts in your area.


Add an extended warm-up to your routine: Do a 10-minute slow-walk, and then gradually increase your speed. Breathe through your nose. If your just started running, start slowly. Mix walking with running at a moderate pace. Relax your shoulders and arms; this will open your lungs and help you breathe more easily.

Tummy troubles

The up and down motion in running and the fact that blood is diverted away from digestion to the heart and muscles can help ease tummy troubles. To avoid having tummy troubles during your workout, do not eat foods that are high in fat or fiber several hours before your run. Give your self an hour or two to digest the meal before you start. Running at different times of the day also helps.



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