Being Treated for Postpartum Depression

Antidepressants and Breastfeeding

One of the most important things you should consider is whether it’s safe to take antidepressant medications when you’re breastfeeding. Usually, you can take antidepressants and also breastfeed your baby. However, if you have to choose, opt to treat your depression.

Talk to your doctor and your baby’s doctor which meds should you take, and whether it’s safe for you take them and breastfeed. Antidepressants can get into breast milk, but some of them do so in very small amounts that it’s impossible to measure them in your baby’s blood.

Antidepressants and their effect on your baby

Among selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs, the most recommended medicine for breast-feeding moms is sertraline (Zoloft). It is the most studied, and generally does not appear to have an effect on breast-fed babies.

Medications such as paroxetine (Paxil), fluoxetine (Prozac), and citalopram (Celexa) have been reported to have negative side effects on breast-fed babies.

Fluvoxamine (Luvox) has not been well studied yet.

Some SSRIs such as fluoxetine are passed on to breast-fed babies more than others. And women metabolize and and pass on medicine in different amounts. The level of medicine in your breast milk depends on what time of the day you take your medicine. Ask your doctor about when the level of medicine in your breast milk is lowest.

Studies on children who were breast-fed while their mothers were taking SSRIs indicate that there are no signs of unusual problems so far.



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