How to Prevent Ear Infections When Swimming

Summer means it is time for the family to hit the pool. However, swimming in public pools puts your kids at risk for several infections such as swimmer’s ear, or otitis externa. It’s a common childhood infection that occurs in children who swim or dive for long periods of time.

Fortunately, outer ear infections can be easily prevented.

For one, your kids can wear removable earplugs to help keep their ear canals dry.

After swimming, the best way to dry your kids’ ears is to use a hair dryer. Avoid cleaning your kids ears using cotton swabs. Also, discourage your kids from inserting sharp objects in their ears such as bobby pins. These things can scratch the skin and let bacteria or fungi to enter.

Ask your doctor if it’s safe to use alcohol drops like SwimEar to help dry the water in the ears and prevent infection.

If your kid already has swimmer’s ear, it can easily be treated with antibiotics. Your child’s doctor may recommend staying out of the water for a while, at least until child recovers.

Source: MSN Health


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