Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a common condition in males where ejaculation come sooner or prematurely during sexual intercourse than men or their partners would have expected. It usually is a common condition among men and is not usually considered as a serious dysfunction as long as it happens infrequently. It can happen to most males where about one in three men affected by the condition.

Main Causes

Premature ejaculation is a fairly common complaint by men as well as their partners. The actual cause of the condition is not entirely known although certain factors may play a role. Once thought to be mainly psychological, doctors today know better and consider a complex interaction between certain psychological and biological factors as probable causes of the said dysfunction in men.

Psychological Causes

In some levels, premature ejaculation may be caused by certain psychological factors. Some doctors believe that early sexual experiences may have established certain patterns in the minds of men that may be causing their problem of ejaculating prematurely during intercourse. Certain guilty feelings may make some men rush through sexual encounters or try to hurry into climax in order to avoid risking discovery.

Other psychological factors that may affect men with premature ejaculation may include other associated problems. Men having erectile dysfunction usually have problems maintaining an erection. This may tend to let them develop a certain pattern during intercourse to rush into ejaculating if and when they do have an erection during intercourse. Previous relationship problems and anxiety may also be a cause of a man’s premature ejaculation. Previous experiences of failure to satisfying a partner or having performance issues may sometimes cause enough anxiety in men that may affect and cause premature ejaculation.

Biological Causes

Aside from the psychological factors, other things that happen in the body may also contribute to a man’s experience with premature ejaculation. Having abnormal hormone levels may be one of those factors. Certain thyroid problems may also be considered as a probable cause for this dysfunction. Inflammation or infection of the prostate or the urethra may be one other factor that might cause premature ejaculation in men.


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