Conditions Affect Male Sexual Activity

There are certain diseases and conditions that men may be afflicted with that can make sexual intercourse painful and inconvenient. A number of such conditions not only can affect males but also may have certain effects on his partner. Here are some of them.


Genital herpes is a condition characterized by sores on the male genital area. These sores can make sexual intercourse quite painful in men. Not only that, the sores are also considered highly infectious and may infect the partner. Males affected with genital herpes should try to get medical treatment as well as refrain from sexual intercourse until the sores heal.


Contact dermatitis can sometimes also be a cause of painful sex in men. Allergies and sensitivity to chemicals such as those found in soap can cause inflammation to the skin. Sometimes this can affect the genital area, most especially on non-circumcised males. The inflammation can sometimes cause pain when one engages in sex.

Yeast Infection

A condition usually more common in women than in men, yeast infections can also sometimes be a cause of painful sexual intercourse. Yeast infections are caused by a fungus and may result in skin inflammation or rashes especially on the folds of the skin areas. Such infections can sometimes develop on the penis area that may lead to itching and burning. These symptoms may cause engaging in sexual intercourse very painful for men.


Prostatitis is an infection in the prostate gland that may cause it to get inflamed. The inflammation may cause swelling and pain somewhere on the base of the penis. Some of the symptoms may include a painful and burning sensation when urinating or during ejaculation. This can make intercourse painful for men.


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