Surprising Results of Male Orgasm

Male orgasm is considered as a pleasant and pleasurable experience. But there are times that men may also experience something opposite every time they achieve sexual arousal and climax. Certain males may experience certain orgasm disorders such as pain, headaches and even sneezing which can affect the whole sexual experience. Here are some of the most common complaints.

Abdominal Pain

Some men may complain of feeling abdominal pains when they achieve orgasm. This can sometimes be a cause of concern for some men. Sometimes, the abdominal pain may be due to the sudden tremendous muscular contraction in the pelvic or the lower abdominal area as can sometimes happen during sexual arousal. But such pain may also be caused by a possible prostate infection that might require treatment. Other than that, the abdominal pain caused by poor pelvic floor muscles can sometimes be remedied through proper physical therapy.


Some men may surprisingly feel headaches after or during orgasm. This may sometimes be due to the extreme excitation of the nervous system and the sensation overload in the brain that usually happens during orgasm. It can sometimes be so intense that it can trigger headaches in some people. Men who frequently experience this may call on a neurologist or a specialist on sexual medicine for proper treatment. The headaches can sometimes be treated through certain prescription medication.

Yawning And Sneezing

Some men’s reaction during orgasm may not be physically disturbing, only surprising. There are some men who might interestingly achieve orgasm and at the same time feel like yawning or sneezing. Although such reactions may not be considered a problem, they might send some mixed signals to one’s partner. The yawning alone may signify that the man may feel unsatisfied when it may simply be just an uncontrollable reaction to orgasm.

The simple explanation for this is that the location of the center for orgasm in the brain is close to the centers for sneezing or yawning. Activity on one center may sometimes trigger certain activities on the others. It might be possible that when a partner yawns or sneezes during sex, it can sometimes be considered as a sign of sexual arousal, however surprising it may be.


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