Coping with Genital Herpes

Genital herpes is a disease that scares many people. It is a condition that is characterized by the growth of painful and itchy sores around the genital area. It is caused by a virus and is considered as a sexually transmitted disease. It may be this category of the disease that makes it so scary among people.

Genital herpes is actually quite a common disease that may affect one of every five adults in the US. Some may even be infected by a virus that causes genital herpes and may not know about it. But in most times, the fear may prove unfounded. Having herpes in most cases could simply mean having an unpleasant skin condition.

When people discover that they have contracted genital herpes, they seem quite horrified. But although it may seem such a serious disease, the dread may be more emotional than what the condition may cause in the physical sense. It’s true that genital herpes is incurable and may be highly transmittable, especially to sexual partners. But the perception of having such a disease may be a bit exaggerated sometimes.

Many people actually dread getting genital herpes than they are of getting Chlamydia. But in the long term, Chlamydia may cause worse damage in the long term reproductive and general health than genital herpes will. There are now certain drugs developed that may help minimize the annoying effects of genital herpes short of curing the condition.

There are now antiviral drugs available for herpes that may help reduce the degree and duration of the symptoms. Anti-herpes drugs are also now available that helps reduce the degree of transmission to other people.


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