Enjoying Safer Sex

Safer sex means that individuals try to follow methods of engaging in sexual intercourse to lessen the risks of spreading or catching sexually transmitted diseases or STD’s. There are many ways in which couples and individuals can increase their safety when engaging in sex without having to substantially affecting their healthy sex life.

Use Condoms

Although it has become a common method of practicing safer sex, some people may not be as keen on using it more often. People should bear in mind that using a latex barrier serves as the best line of defense for preventing the spread of STD’s when having sex. The use of this latex barrier may also extend on using latex gloves on the hands or using dental dams when engaging in oral sex.

Abstain or Be Monogamous

One of the best ways to ensure practicing safe sex is by abstinence. But aside from that, sticking to a single sexual partner would reduce the risk of contracting any STD’s. But each partner must be sure of the negative status of the other when it concerns STD’s.

Open Communication

One of the ways that people can practice to ensure safer sex is by having a more open communication with their partner. This includes talking openly about sexual activities and the risks involved as well as making choices together. Open communication between partners serves to create and build up trust with one another and ensure that each one feels comfortable with the sexual relationship and the issues are addressed accordingly.

Get Tested

Before getting into any sexual relationship, it might be a good way for partners to get tested for STD’s in order to ensure safety. Getting tested for HIV and other STD’s also helps ensure the honesty between both partners as well as offer genuine concern for each other when it comes to their safety.


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