Benefits of Birth Control

Birth control methods aim to help women avoid unwanted pregnancies if they do not want it. Through the years, developments in some of the methods have made birth control even safer for women. Not only that, today’s birth control methods may even provide other added benefits to the women who use them.

Risks Then

It has been quite a long time since women have serious concerns over using birth control methods in the past. Risks of pelvic infections come with use of the Dalkon Shield in the past. Early hormone based birth control are offered in dangerously high doses once upon a time. Other methods such as the Intrauterine Device or IUD also had their own risks. But since then, many of such methods have been improved and redesigned to become safer for use.

Benefits Now

Unlike today, women now enjoy a safer means to control unwanted pregnancies. Using the birth control pill is now proven safer and more effective today. Aside from its main purpose, using the Pill may also bring with it other added benefits to women:

Reduces Menstrual Bleeding and Pain

Using the Pill may help prevent too much bleeding in women during their menstrual cycle. This proves to be quite a benefit especially for women who are at risk of anemia. Using the Pill may also help reduce the pain many women feel that is associated with their periods.

Reduces Uterine Infection and Cancer Risk

Birth control pills may also help women in reducing their risk of certain infections and diseases. The Pill particularly has been known to help reduce the incidence of uterine infection for women who use them. It may also help reduce the risk of women developing ovarian cancer.

Clears Up Acne Flare Ups

During different parts of their menstrual cycle, women may experience some changes that may affect their looks. There can be mild to moderate acne flare ups that women may find annoying. The Pill has been known to sometimes help clear up such conditions which women may find as a welcome benefit.


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