How to Reveal You Have an STD

Contracting a sexually transmitted disease is not something easy to swallow. An even worse scenario is how to be able to reveal the dreaded news to a partner without hurting them. Such is the challenge that many people infected with STD’s have to go through. Here are some of the ways that this can be done.

Know about the disease before spilling the news.

It is important for those who have contracted an STD to learn more about the disease first before informing their partners. A better understanding of the disease may sometimes help ease the shock that comes with revealing such dreaded news. There are some STD’s that are highly treatable. Knowing this may help provide you with some comfort and assurance when it is time to tell your partner about it.

Use right timing.

Telling a partner about the STD you contracted would also depend on right timing. Opening up to such discussions should be done at a time when your partner would be in the right mood to hear about it. First of all, it should be done on a private place, away from other people. It is a matter that should only be discussed between the both of you.

Informing a partner about your STD should not be done in instances where you are both in a relaxing mood. But it should not be opened in times when you are sharing a romantic moment together. It is not something that you should open up when you are going on a vacation the next day. Such news can really ruin the mood and may influence how violently a partner may react upon hearing such news.

Practice what you need to say.

When revealing such dreaded news to a partner, the fear and the nervousness that come may sometimes affect how you say it. This can sometimes lead one to stammer and fumble on what words to say. In a sense, your partner may end up confused and not getting what you are trying to say.

Before you open up the STD issue with your partner, you might want to some a bit of practice on what you would want to say. You can put it on writing or you can memorize the words in your mind. Learn how to deliver what you wish to say when you are alone. Imagine how your partner would react and the questions that he or she might ask of you. Try to prepare your possible responses ahead of time. Make sure that you do it as honestly and as straightforward as possible.


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