Condomless AIDS Protection?

Three years ago, the idea of a "molecular condom" is said to become a reality in ten years time.  Nowadays, however, this medical marvel could be make available to the public within five years after human trials have been conducted.

This condomless protection works by inserting a gel-like substance into the vagina that, when in contact with semen, would release anti-viral components and substance turns into liquid form, thereby discharging the virus completely.  When completed, this gel is said to cost about 10 cents per dosage, compared to the cost of condoms (3 cents on male condoms, 60 cents among female condoms), and aims to assist women in African countries where HIV levels are at an all-time high.

Some reports also claim that the gel may be used to reduce pregnancy or risks associated with other sexually-transmitted diseases, although it has yet to be tested for such purposes.

How this substance would change the way people date is yet to be known.


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