Limiting Your Childs Screen Time

Screen time is the time spent by your child doing sedentary activities such as watching TV, playing video games, or surfing the net. If left unchecked, screen time will eat up the time your child should be spending physical activity. lists a few ways to limit your child’s screen time.

Check your family’s screen time.

Know how much time each family member spends watching TV, surfing the net or playing video games, and then set a limit for the whole family. You’ll be surprised to find a lot of extra time that you can spend doing other more productive things.

Downplay screen time

Using Screen Time to reward or punish your kids might lead them to think that screen time is more important than it is. Make screen time a "non-event" in your home. Recognize and praise your kids’ efforts to be physically active.

Watch at Once

You can record some of your kids’ favorite movies and have them watch all of it at once. This way, you’ll have more time during the rest of the week to do other activities.


Encourage your children to move throughout their favorite programs. You can also do jumping jacks or crunches during commercial breaks or set up a stationary bike in your viewing room.  

Come up with after-school activities

Kids name watching TV as their top after-school activity mostly because they can’t think of other things to do. Help your kids create a short list of after-school activities such as riding bikes, shooting hoops, walking the dog, or helping prepare dinner. Post the list on the fridge, where your kids can easily check it when they get home.

No TV Dinners

Turn off the TV during dinner (or every mealtime) and have each member of the family share his or her experience that day.

No "screens" in kids’ rooms

According to studies, kids who have TVs in their rooms spend almost 1-½ hours more each day watching them than their peers. Thus removing TVs – and computers – in your rooms can greatly help cut down their screen time. Also, having TVs in their rooms would tempt kids to just stay in – removed from family time.

Use the TV to exercise

Use the TV to watch a video- exercise videos that is. It could be about dancing, tae kwon do or even yoga. Put on your exercise clothes and have some family fitness time.



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