Common Household Items Posing Health Risks

There are several common items around the house that may pose as health risks to you and your family. These items either carry germs or other things that may prove to be detrimental you your health if you are not very careful. It is important for you to be aware of them in order to be able to protect you and your family from the risks. 

The Kitchen Sponge

Some people may not consider the kitchen sponge as a health risk. As a matter of fact, sponges can actually be home to cultures upon cultures of bacteria and germs due to the fact that they are usually damp. As many as 20 million microbes can live in a wet sponge and can pose as a health risk.

Here is another scary fact- common ways of cleaning a sponge at home such as soaking them in a bleach solution or in hot water would not completely eradicate the germs that might be living in them. The best way to clean a common sponge is either by putting them in a microwave on high for about a minute or by putting them in a dishwasher.

The Bed

Nothing else can feel as welcoming and as comforting at home as lying in one’s own bed. But be careful, they may not be as clean as you might think. Your bed can be home to bedbugs, those blood sucking insects that can also be hosts to other disease causing organisms. But most of the time, the worst than people mostly get from having bedbugs is through the allergic reactions that some people experience with these minute but quite discomforting insects.

Bedbugs usually are introduced into the home from the outside. Traveling which may have you sleeping in other beds might be a common way for bedbugs to be introduced into your own home. In order to prevent this, it might be wise for you to wash all the clothes that you have brought along with you from your travels as well as cleaning and vacuuming your luggage the moment that you arrive back home.


Laptops have now become quite a common household item. It is also something that you may bring along with you everywhere you go. And as such, it can pose as a possible health risk. Studies have been made on laptops which resulted in discovering that its keyboards can become quite dirty and loaded with germs.

For a clearer comparison, a toilet bowl can contain about 41 germs per square inch. Surprisingly, a laptop keyboard is discovered to have as much as 21,000 germs per square inch. A good reason for this is that toilet bowls get cleaned out more frequently than laptop keyboards. The best way to make sure that your laptop keyboards are germ free is by cleaning them daily with disinfecting wipes to kill the germs.


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