Most Stressful Cities In America

Stress seems to be a common problem among many industrialized cities today. In America, there are quite a lot of cities that seem to suffer from this problem. Certain contributing factors like pollution, quality of life indicators, unemployment and others have made such cities quite as stressful as they are. According to an article from Forbes, here are the top most stressful cities in America today.

Most Stressful City: Chicago Illinois

The city of Chicago holds the distinction of being the most stressful city in the US today. It suffers from a 7.3 percent unemployment rate, high gas prices that averages 4 USD per gallon and pollution that is seen as among the worst in the country. It is ranked number 7 in poor air quality and number 2 in terms of population density. All these factors work together to make life in the city as stressful as can be.

New York, New York

People won’t question New York being considered as one of the most stressful cities in the country. For one, it came first in terms of population density. Finding a place to stay in New York and paying the outrageous mortgage can be quite as stressful as finding the right work that can afford it. Renting can also be quite a problem as they are considered one of the highest in the country. Aside from that, New York comes in ninth among 40 major cities in the US when it comes to having the worst air quality.

Detroit, Michigan

Coming up third as the most stressful cities in the US is Detroit. It was once considered as the center of the country’s auto industry. But the recent recession has hit this industry hard and therefore, Detroit suffered. It currently suffers from a 9.4 percent unemployment rate as a result of massive layoffs from Ford and General Motors. And the industry also has contributed to its worsening air pollution, putting it on number nine among cities with the worst air quality. But on the upside, decreasing demand for homes has made home prices cheaper. Detroit is considered second among cities with affordable homes compared to income earned. But with a high unemployment rate, it would surely be hard to afford the mortgage, no matter how affordable the homes may be in the city.

Los Angeles, California

The most popular city in California also holds the distinction as the state’s most stressful one. With 7.5 percent unemployment rate, second in terms of having the least affordable homes relative to the average income earned and a city having the worst air quality in the US, Los Angeles clearly makes it to the least as the fourth most stressful city in America.


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