Facts About Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is considered as an often misunderstood condition. Many people seem to use the term to refer to a condition that some doctors may not consider as bipolar disorder. Some may also have certain pre-conceived beliefs of the condition that experts consider wrong. Here are some facts that more people should know about bipolar disorder.

Seasonal Bipolar Cycles

Many people think that just because some people feel down one day and extremely happy the next, they might be bipolar. But actually, such instances do not necessarily indicate that a person has a bipolar disorder. In such a condition, the cycle between extreme behaviors can go for weeks or months at a time before changing to the next extreme. The condition is more or less indicated by the bouts of extreme depressive lows and extreme highs rather than the period of changes that occur.

Patients Experience Delusions and Hallucinations At Both Extremes

People with bipolar disorder usually experience bouts of hallucinations and delusions at each extreme mood. Whether they become extremely depressed or extremely maniacal, they might experience certain levels hallucinations at different periods of their changing moods.

Electric Shock Treatment Is Actually Effective

Some may consider electric shock treatment for people with bipolar disorders as somewhat like torture. But it is actually quite effective. ECT or electroconvulsive therapy is believed to work by causing temporary seizure via electric shocks that may alter the brain chemistry. This can lead to neurotransmitters to deliver messages to one brain cell to the next more effectively.


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