Degenerative Joint Disease

Degenerative joint disease or osteoarthritis is a group of diseases involving the degeneration of tissues that surround the joints, which lead to joint pain, inflammation and damage. There can be many factors involved in the development of degenerative joint diseases.

Since it usually is accompanied by the aging process, many people automatically associate it with the typical wear and tear that the joints go through over time. But there are many other facts that people do not know about degenerative joint disease.

It is not just about age.

Although osteoarthritis may be a common result of aging, the Damage that might occur on the joints can develop at any time, depending on the factors. This type of condition is characterized by the deterioration of the smooth cartilage lining the joints that acts as its shock absorber and cushion. The damage can also be a result of injury or genetics aside from aging. Those joints that are commonly affected by osteoarthritis include the knees, hips, the spine as well as the finger and toe joints.

How about exercise?

Osteoarthritis and exercise has also been closely associated by most people. It is true in some cases but would depend on the type of exercise that you are engaged in. Running or jogging may truly have an effect on the joint cartilage and its possible damage since this activity can cause undue pressure to the joints.

But it is usually overexertion that may cause the condition since the risk of injury may be higher. So will repetitive use of the joints for long periods of training without rest can be a possible cause of cartilage damage on the joints.

Osteoarthritis in the hands

In the case of osteoarthritis in the hands, overuse and overexertion do not seem to hold as a possible explanation. Genetics may provide a clue. If you have parents who previously suffer from osteoarthritis in the hands, you are in an increased risk to also suffer from the condition more than those whose parents did not suffer from the said condition.

When it comes to osteoarthritis, bear in mind that it is not just a condition brought about by the passing of time. This degenerative joint disease may also develop as a result of a whole lot of other factors such as overuse, injury, genetics, as well as a result of other serious conditions like obesity.


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