Understanding Chronic Stress

Chronic stress is a mental state that comes as a result of the brain going through prolonged and continuous bouts of stress without seemingly time to recover or rest. The number of stressors in the environment can affect a person in such a consistent period of time that the body eventually has no chance to go through a much needed relaxation phase. If taken for too long, it can result in considerable damage to both the mental and physical health of a person.

Acute Vs. Chronic Stress

Acute stress is a reaction or response of the brain to a perceived immediate threat. It usually occurs for only a short period of time. Chronic stress on the other hand can be a brains response to a similar perceived threat but might go on for a prolonged period of time. The body was designed to handle acute stress even at higher levels on certain situations. It is not designed to cope up with the prolonged periods of chronic stress.  

Chronic Stress Effects

Chronic stress can severely affect your health the longer that it persists. The pressures brought about by chronic stress can be enough to compromise the immune system. This can lead to the body becoming more susceptible to other illnesses and ailments that may complicate matters even further.

Stress And Hypertension

People might consider a highly stressful job as a cause of their elevating blood pressure. But studies have shown that stress in itself may not be causing hypertension in people. Results of studying around 100,000 subjects have provided inconsistent results that stress alone may be the main cause if high blood pressure. Although stress may cause people to overeat, become obese or develop diabetes which are know to increase the risk of developing high blood pressure, results show that it may just have an indirect relationship to hypertension overall.

Stress Reaction

The levels of stress may not be the same for each individual. What one may consider as extreme may not be so to another. Different people may have different reactions to stress and there is no generic measure as to what everyone may be able to bear. The level of stress and how it affects a person may also be dependent on the level of perceived control that one may have on it.


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