Creating Healing Environments

Healing takes more than just taking the right medicines and treatment. The environment may also help promote healing. Although considered as a novel idea even by most healthcare institutions today, designing a more conducive environment that can promote healing is becoming more and more popular. By combining both good environmental design in healthcare facilities with the proper treatment and therapy, many now believe that healing and recovery in people can be improved considerably.

Light And Healing

The effect of the environment with healing of the body is something that has been studied before. And the results are quite interesting. Two studies that involved depressed patients and heart attack patients found that those who were housed in sunny rooms were discharged two to four days earlier than those patients who stayed in darker rooms. Another study involving nursing home patients also showed that those who got regular exposure to afternoon sunlight were more likely to sleep better at night.

Role Of Natural Environments

The above studies seem to show that light in its many forms may actually help speed up recovery and healing. And there are actually other ways in which the environment may actually play a big role when it comes to healing and recovery of patients. Nature and the outdoors also seem to help achieve better results for patients undergoing recovery and healing, according to both laboratory and clinical studies. Patients who have the opportunity view nature and the outdoors during their recovery usually feel more uplifted, experience less stress and have an enhanced sense of control.

Blocking Noise

Even sound may have quite an effect on the environment and its ability to promote healing in people. Noise, or the lack of control of it has been known to promote and increase stressful environments that can affect recovery and healing. Trying to block out noise to promote a more peaceful environment can greatly help promote and improve recovery rates for people. Even the use of more soothing sounds such as those of moving water or classical music being played is known to promote peace and relaxation.