Quitting Smoking: Planning Your Strategy to Quit

Temptation is the desire to do something that you know you should avoid.

If you are planning on or, are already in the process of quitting smoking, you will often be confronted by the temptation to smoke.

Physical addiction to nicotine

If you are in the process of quitting smoking, you will feel the temptation to smoke quite often. In fact, it is quite natural.

The temptation to smoke is partly triggered by your body’s addiction to nicotine. This is where meds play their part. By decreasing withdrawal symptoms, you reduce the level of temptation.

Habitual cues

The urge to smoke may also be triggered by habitual cues. For instance, smoking right after you eat, or having a cup of coffee, smoking while driving, or being around other smokers. Eventually, you establish connections between different aspects of your daily routine and smoking.

Emotional attachment to smoking

When they get stressed, depressed, angry, bored, or sad, some people light a cigar because it comforts or soothes them. This emotional attachment can also trigger the temptation to smoke.

How to get through smoking temptation

Getting through temptation to smoke is a choice. Temptation is there to help you become aware of where you are still vulnerable. With awareness, you can begin to make new and different choices.

Every time you are tempted to smoke and you decide not to, you strengthen your resolve and confidence. You reinforce your personal commitment and gain more power every time you choose a healthier alternative over smoking.

Take it choice by choice, little by little, until the desire to smoke dissipates.

Source: Mayoclinic



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