Stress and Depression Triggers

Stress and depression are considered to be two of the most serious conditions that increasingly affect most people today. These conditions can seriously affect the body which can lead to a lot of other health problems later on. Despite their increasing threat to the health and lives of many people today, both stress and depression are also known to be preventable.

Common Stress Triggers

Stress and depression are usually caused by certain triggers. They can be situations that can usually lead to feelings of stress that can develop into depression. These main triggers may affect people differently at certain levels and would depend usually on how they are looked upon. But they certainly trigger a stress response or can cause depression to eventually develop.

Bad Relationships

Bad relationships are known to be a main trigger point for stress in many people. Couples in conflict with each other, family members with misunderstandings, co-workers having a tense and uneasy relationship with their boss- all these can trigger stress and the prolonged condition may contribute to the development of depression in some people.

Financial Problems

Another common trigger of stress and depression in today’s society is money, or the lack of it. Financial problems can cause quite a stress in many people in their struggle to try and make ends meet. Prolonged exposure to such conditions can cause certain symptoms of depression such as hopelessness and extreme sadness to eventually develop.

Physical Demands

Life today demands a lot from people. Sometimes it can grow quite to a certain level that some people are already having a difficult time trying to meet up with the demands. The need to work, to meet deadlines, and too excel in both work and life can put a considerable strain on some people that they can become highly stressed about it.


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