Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Facts

Post traumatic stress disorder is a type of anxiety disorder that can develop when a person experiences one or more severe traumatic events that can cause one to become threatened with physical harm. It is the emotional and psychological trauma that can eventually cause the problem leading to PSTD. Here are some other facts concerning the said condition.

Some people are more prone to developing PSTD than others.

Just like different levels of stress can affect people in different ways, so does the chances of developing post traumatic stress disorder later on. Aside from how an individual reacts to certain stressors, the severity of a certain traumatic event may also determine if one may develop PSTD. One’s personal history may also play a big role in PSTD. People who have gone through certain traumatic events in their childhood are more prone to developing PSTD.

PSTD is not due to a person’s weakness.

Many people with PSTD fail to get the necessary treatment for their condition is because they may wrongly consider their reaction attributed to the disorder as merely a sign of weakness. Some people may feel ashamed of how they react to certain situations as a sign of weakness that they might fail to see that they are already suffering from PSTD.

It is possible for PSTD to develop long after a traumatic event.

There are cases that some people may develop PSTD long after a severe traumatic event. Such cases are usually seen among women who were sexually abused as a child. Some war veterans are also known to develop late-onset PSTD. But when it comes to the general population, this type of PSTD is considered rare.



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