Smoking Cessation Medications and Depression

Everybody knows how difficult it is to quite smoking. Having depression makes it even harder. And quitting cold turkey is almost a surefire miss.

This is why most people turn to medications to help them quit smoking.

However, before you head to the nearest drugstore, Dr. Gabrielle J. Melin from the MayoClinic would like to point out the warning from the Food and Drug administration about the use of this drugs.

"The FDA has issued an alert regarding the use of varenicline (Chantix) and buproprion (Wellbutrin or Zyban). In some cases, people using these medications have had suicidal thoughts and behaviors. That doesn’t mean no one should take them, but you should have a discussion with your health care provider if you’re taking them, especially if you’ve been diagnosed with depression or another mental illness. The FDA has warned that in some cases those with psychiatric conditions, such as depression, had more severe depressive symptoms if they were taking these medications."

If you are taking these medications, your doctor should monitor you for any emerging symptoms. Stop taking these medications and contact your provider immediately if you experience agitation, depressed mood or any other significant behavior changes.

Source: MayoClinic


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