Sources of Stress

The best way to manage and handle stress is by knowing where it comes from. Being able to determine what the sources of stress affecting your life may help you become more effective in finding ways to eliminate or reduce it. Although not all types of stress are harmful or detrimental to your health, just simply knowing what is and what’s not may help you a lot in trying to strike up a good balance.

Acute Stress

It is important to consider that there are two main types of stress that you might be experiencing. There is acute and chronic stress. Acute stress refers to the body’s immediate response to a threat, challenge or scare. It is also commonly known as the fight or flight response. Not all acute stress is bad. It can sometimes provide a thrill that makes a person become more alert and focused for a certain short moment. This is especially true in cases where you need to go through a job interview or even riding a roller coaster.

Chronic Stress

The more serious type is chronic stress. This is characterized by experiencing prolonged periods of acute stress. The body’s response to chronic stress may not be as immediate or as visible in most cases, but it may have longer lasting negative effects. Such types of stress come about as a result of lingering problems involving relationships, career and money.

Internal Stress Sources

Stress can come from either an internal or external source or even both. Internal sources of stress usually comes from within. It includes your fears, level of self-control, attitude as well as personal expectations. All these can sometimes lead to worries and stress.

External Stress Sources

There can also be sources of stress caused by outside forces. These stressors can either be events and situations that may happen in life. It can be brought about be certain life changes. Stress can also come about as a result of the environment you’re in. the source can be the workplace, the home or even some place where disturbances are plenty. Stress can be brought about friends, family and even unexpected events .

You should bear in mind that it may be quite impossible to stay clear of stress. The best one can do is by trying to minimize them as much as possible, at least those that might greatly impact your health and well-being. Knowing where the source of stress may be coming from may help you find better ways to cope up with it.