Stress Relief Through Laughter

"Laughter is the best medicine", as a famous saying goes. This may hold true when it comes to a person’s health. There seems to be some facts behind saying that a good laugh may be good for you. Although it may not be a cure for all ailments, the benefits are there.

Stress Relief

Probably the most common benefit that a good laugh can provide is to relieve stress. A good laugh is able to let a person’s stress response cool down for a moment. This can help provide a good and relaxed feeling, a welcome break for any stressful situation. Laughter is also known to sooth out tension and helps reduce some of the physical symptoms associated with stress.

Stimulate Organs

Having a good laugh can give the lungs some workout. Laughing may help people enhance air intake which in part may also help stimulate the muscles, heart and other organs. Laughter has also been known to make the brain produce more endorphins.

Improves Immune System

Laughter is considered as a positive reaction or response. In this way, laughter may help stimulate the immune system by reducing the negative response that brings more stress to the body.

The more stress there is in the body, the more it can have a negative impact on the immune system. Laughter can help put a stop to this cycle. Not only that, the positive response that laughter brings with it can actually help the body release more neuropeptides that fight stress.

Pain Relief

There are many other effects that laughter may bring. It can also help the body produce more of its natural painkillers, making it more able to handle and ease pain.

These benefits may truly be something that anyone would welcome. Laughter and humor is something to cherish and should be enjoyed as much as possible. It is a type of medicine that can’t have too much off. So try to laugh more in life and enjoy its many benefits.



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