Metabolism Facts and Myths

Metabolism Facts and Myths

Body metabolism is something that can be a concern, especially for people who wish to lose weight. Metabolism is the process in which your body tries to convert the fuel taken from food into energy that is needed to use for a variety of functions. A more efficient body metabolism allows it to convert food to energy instead of being stored as fat. That is why a good metabolism can help people avoid gaining considerable weight. Here are some of the facts and myths that concern your metabolism.

Ice cold drinks and food takes more calories to digest. True

It is true that the body might require more calories in order to digest food and drinks taken ice cold. But the results in terms of trying to lose weight may be quite negligible. Drinking 5 to 6 glasses of ice cold water a day takes 10 more calories to process. This can translates to about a pound of weight lost for one year.

PMS brings along with it a boost in metabolism for women. True

It probably is one of the few benefits that a woman’s menstrual period brings with it. The part of the menstrual cycle that occurs the day after ovulation and ends on the day before the next menstrual cycle. During this time, women experience a boost in their metabolic rates by as much as 300 calories a day due to the hormonal changes happening to the body. This might explain why women with PMS also has some cravings to particular foods.

Eating a grapefruit will speed up your metabolism. False

Eating a grapefruit will not provide the metabolic boost that some say it does. But eating a grapefruit does help you lose weight in other ways. It contains fiber as well as water that can be quite filling, making you eat less and therefore take in less calories.

Eating protein can boost your metabolism. True

Yes, eating protein may help make your body consume more calories to process. Protein usually requires more energy, amounting to as much as twice the calories that that body needs to process carbohydrates.


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