Migraine Triggering Foods

Migraine is a common problem among many people today. It seems to affect more women than men according to studies. If not checked, frequent migraines can seriously affect one’s life. And it seems that there are some foods that might trigger them.

Citrus Fruits

Although this might not affect all people, citrus fruits can sometimes trigger nasty headaches in people. Researchers believe that this is due to the fact that some people may have certain enzyme deficiencies needed to neutralize the amines in foods. Food such as citrus are known to contain lots of amines. Without enough enzymes to process or neutralize them, headaches can sometimes be triggered.

Aged Cheese

Cheeses, especially the ones that have gone through a lengthy aging process are also known to trigger headaches. The reasons for this is that cheese contain tyramine, a substance that builds up as food ages. High levels of tyramine is known to cause hypertension as well as trigger headaches.

Salted And Cured Processed Foods

These foods are also known to be high in tyramine. People who often experience intense headaches and migraines should be careful when eating pickles, canned olives and processed canned goods. They might be causing some of the headaches that you wish to avoid.

Other Foods

There are other foods that might be triggering your headaches. Some are quite common that you might already be consuming them regularly but quite surprisingly may also be triggering or worsening your headaches. This includes pizza, peanut butter, potato chips and even bread and crackers. Knowing these headache triggering foods may help you avoid them and maybe will help you experience less headaches in the future.


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