Surprising Facts About Headaches

Headaches come and go and affect almost anyone on slightly different degrees. It can get quite serious enough for some that it might already be affecting their quality of life. Here are some surprising facts about headaches that you might not know about.

Perfumes and other highly scented products may cause headaches.

Although scented products may appeal to your sense of smell, they might also be causing headaches. Perfumes and other scents seem to activate some nerve cells in your nose that may sometimes be stimulating the nerve system responsible for headaches. It may be better if you try to go about using less fragrances or perfumes especially if you are prone to headaches.

Ninety percent of headaches are stress related.

People feel headaches when they are stressed. Stress accounts for most of the headaches that people experience. Simply by getting rid of the stress can be enough to make the headache go away. Learning some relaxation techniques to lessen the effects of stress can also help.

Headache relief does not necessarily come in a pill.

With headaches caused by quite a lot of other factors aside from stress, treating it might not necessarily come as a form of medication. Although there are various over the counter headache pills now available, not all of them may effectively be the answer for certain types of headaches.

There are times that alternative treatments may even be more effective. Massage, fresh peppermint, natural essential oils, nasal rinsing with a saline solution as well as relaxation techniques are all considered alternative options in treating headaches.


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