Obesity Risk Factors

Obesity is becoming a common problem among more and more people today. It has become a very serious issue because the condition can lead to several health problems for people down the road. Aside from the type of lifestyle that people are accustomed to, there are also other factors that may lead people to gain weight and eventually become obese.


One’s genes have been known to be a big factor on how people may gain weight. That is why some people may become obese faster than others. Genetics play a big role in weight gain and some people may not be able to do anything about it.

But since obesity has only become a growing problem among many people recently, researchers believe that genetics in itself may not be the main reason why people become obese. Behavior, if coupled with certain genetic tendencies actually play a bigger part on the reason why an increasing number of people today are getting fat.

Caloric Balance Equation

One of the factors that may lead people to become obese is the caloric balance equation. The main reason why people either gain, lose or maintain their weight is because of their body’s caloric balance. It is the calories that usually count with regards to the changes in our body weight .

To achieve the right caloric balance, one should try to consume the right amount of calories that the body needs for its normal functions daily. Striking up a balance would allow people to maintain a certain weight. Consuming more calories that the body needs would lead to weight gain. Consuming less calories than what the body needs daily would result to weight loss.


One’s environment may also be considered as a possible risk factor for obesity. One’s home, office or community may all contribute to obesity in one way or another. People get fat at home because they can comfortably watch TV all day. At the office, people can simply work all day with a serious lack of physical activity.

On the other hand, a community that encourages people to exercise or do more physical activities may aid in helping people lose weight. Environment becomes a big factor on obesity in that it can influence people to either gain or lose weight.



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