Simple Daily Exercises

People today continue to follow unhealthy lifestyles despite their busy schedules. Aside from poor diet, more and more people seem to suffer from poor health due to lack of exercise. The most common reason people make is that they just can’t find time to exercise with their hectic schedules at work. For those who really want to stay healthy despite of having a busy schedule, here are some of the easy alternatives they can try out to keep active.

Take the stairs more often.

If you suffer from lack of activity at the office, you can still have many other options to find better ways to move around. Taking the stairs for example can be, in itself, a pretty good cardio workout. Instead of taking the elevator to your office, try the physical challenge of taking the stairs more often. You still get to your office, but this time, you have added some good physical activity easily into your daily schedule.

Carry groceries instead of using the cart.

When going out shopping at the local supermarket, try using your muscles more by carrying your purchases instead of relying with the grocery cart to do the carrying for you. Try to make the trip to your car become a good workout by carrying the grocery bags by hand and leaving the cart by the store exit when you leave.

Take walks during lunch breaks.

After you have eaten your lunch, you might consider walking around the block before you head back to the office. Not only would a 45-minute leisure stroll burn around 125 calories for you , it can also help relieve some stress at work.

Walk around while talking on the phone.

You might be spending most of your time handling calls at the office as well as at the home. You can use this time to help keep yourself more active by walking around instead of just sitting down. Pacing around for 20 minutes while on the phone can burn around 64 calories. That’s an improvement from just staying seated while taking calls.

Clean around the house.

Cleaning chores make good exercise. Not only does it make the house presentable and pristine, a 30-minute cleaning chore can even be enough to burn 75 calories for you. If you do it quite regularly along with the other routines mentioned above, you no longer have to worry about not finding time to work out in order to stay healthy.