Surprising Headache Cures

Headaches can be quite a bothersome issue when it hits you often. It can prevent you from doing your job or enjoying your leisure time. Many will try to treat their headaches primarily by using over-the-counter medication. But there are also some available alternatives that may help ease the pain brought about by headaches. Here are the more surprising ones.


It is an ancient practice of Chinese medicine and considered as alternative form of treatment. When it comes to headaches, acupuncture is known to help ease the pain away by placing needles in specific sensory areas on the neck, cheeks and forehead in order to redirect the pain. This help the body become desensitized to the pain over time. The effect on headaches comes as a result of acupuncture treatments that may last for several months.

Botox Treatments

What is a popular method of trying to smooth out wrinkles have also been discovered to help ease the pain caused by headaches. Botox is actually a toxin that helps relax the muscles if given in measured doses. Botox can also help relax those muscles that contract as a result of headaches. It also works to block sensory nerves that transmit pain signals to the brain.

Drinking Water

People might be surprised to know that water may also help ease or even cure headaches. There are certain headaches that is caused when the body is dehydrated. When the body feels that it is not getting enough water for hydration it starts to preserve those that it currently has and then sends signals that some functions may not be working that well. Headaches happen to be one of those signals. Drinking water would usually ease the discomfort almost immediately. Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day can help prevent such headaches from occurring more often.


Aside from trying to keep you awake when you need to, a cup of coffee can also help make that headache go away. Limited amounts of caffeine is known to control the pain caused by headaches. It may curb the pain by trying to constrict the blood vessels. Caffeine may also help in making the body absorb headache medications better through the stomach lining. But also be aware that caffeine may also be causing headaches in some people. Too much of it may sometimes be the cause, so drink coffee moderately.


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