Surprising Reasons For Feeling Tired

Feeling tired often can eventually affect one’s life. It can affect work and even the leisure time that one is able to spend. People can feel tired for a variety of reasons. Some may cite their diet or overexertion as some of the more common ones. Here are some of the more surprising reasons why some people may be feeling tired.

Thyroid Problems

Frequent fatigue may be caused by certain thyroid problems. Such problems can remain undetected unless you have yourself checked through a simple blood test. Treating such conditions can be as easy as taking pills. In the process, it might also help you get rid of the frequent tiredness that you feel.

Urinary Tract Infection

Just like thyroid problems, an undetected urinary tract infection may also be causing your frequent feelings of tiredness. Fatigue is just one symptom of such an infection. If you increasingly find yourself feeling tired all the time and also experience pain or a burning sensation whenever you urinate, then it may be time for you to talk with your doctor. You may be having UTI for some time now and never know it.

Too Much Caffeine

Some people who might feel tired and sleepy would sometimes go for another cup of coffee. But experts say that too much caffeine can actually have the opposite effect on people and make them feel even more tired. So if you’ve already had one cup too many of coffee and still feel tired, it may be the caffeine overload that might be causing it.

Food Allergies

Food allergies can also cause fatigue and exhaustion. The body fights the allergies that might be causing distress to it. This usually involves using the body’s resources more just to keep its functions going even while fighting off the allergens. After awhile, the body’s resources may become depleted, which can cause it to feel fatigued and exhausted.


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