Dangers of Skipping Exercise

Regular exercise has long been associated with good health. Combined with the proper and well-balanced diet, exercise becomes a more potent weapon for losing weight. Skipping on exercise may lead to certain health risks. Here are some of them.

Increased Mortality Risk

People who are least fit have a mortality risk three times more than that of the most fit. But a study also showed that when the least fit group was compared to the next least fit, group researchers found out that the differences between both stem more from variations of physical activity rather than on more common risk factors such as diabetes and hypertension.

Exercise And Children

Studies show that exercise early in life has a significant effect on health. Children accustomed to a lesser active lifestyle are prone to become fat later in life. Children who are more active at age five have significantly lower fat mass when they reach the age or eight to eleven as compared to children who were less active at the same age.

Higher Stroke And Heart Attack Risks

Diabetic and obese teenagers have also been found to have a thicker carotid artery according to a recent study. It is an association that is also linked to a greater risks for stroke and heart attack later in life.

Higher Cognitive Decline Risks

A study tried to look into the possible association between obesity and brain atrophy. Researchers, after examining brain images of overweight and normal participants showed a link between a higher body mass index or BMI to brain atrophy. This can lead to higher risks of cognitive decline and dementia in people later on in life.


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