Tips to Increase Longevity

Living a long life is something that any one aspires for. But it is sad that a lot never get into healthy habits that can make it possible. Here are some simple and easy habits that you can practice to get you on your way to longevity.

Drink eight glasses of water daily.

This habit may be simple enough to do yet can do wonders to your health. Water is essential for the body. It is required for proper body functioning. Drinking eight glasses of pure water would essentially make sure that the body functions well and efficiently.

Use stairs instead of the elevators.

This is especially important if you suffer from lack of exercise due to work. Even at your office, you can still find time to exercise if you try taking the stairs instead of the elevator to go to your office. If you do it regularly and as a habit, then you can benefit from the healthy exercise that would help improve your mobility as well as increase your energy.

Eat five small meals a day.

Eating five small meals daily rather than three large meals is more beneficial as some studies have shown. People are less to crave for food and get hungry if they have their meals timed well and in small portions. Feeling hungry can make you eat more and is more likely to happen if you follow the habit or eating only three times each day.

Laugh more.

This habit can be enjoyable and yet easy to do. Find ways to add more humor into your life. Studies have shown that laughing often can help boost the immune system and helps protect the body from illnesses and ailments. Laughter also helps increase the production of endorphins which helps improve your sense of well-being.


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